Reading Response to: finally, robotic beings rule the world

finally, robotic beings rule the world

This reading response was directed towards robots becoming so advance that they will one day replace humans. I was actually looking into this topic not too long ago I watched an interview of Elon Musk, talking about AI & robots. I believe that robots can replace JOBS though not HUMANS. Robots currently as I write this post are in the stage of when humans were Neanderthals. Being powered by AI maybe this can speed the process in which they operate or how their represented in reality. Though this is where we start our argument, because humans will program these robots we might add traits that we would like in a companion in which case can be more like us. Though anatomy, wise robots are not humans we can teach them how to walk, talk, and act set rules etc., though they will not be able to possess a conscious. That is the part that concerns me and many other people, because once humans become extinct robots will survive. This is what scares me the most. Though my fears do not stop their what concerning which the idea was briefly mentioned in, the article was what if humans were able to become robots. What I suppose they were talking about is what if humans are actually able to upload their thoughts, memory, feelings and conscious into an AI program in which than you can become a robot. This article and topic of robots and AI always makes me nervous because if there is a will there is a way.


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